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About us

About us

Our company was started by our founder, with a very small investment and few people. Today we are the only significant Australian Media outlet. We have grown because of our sincere commitment, dedication and hard work which ensured that we were able to fully satisfy our customers with our high quality products & services. We have total commitment in the exposure of corruption in Media and Government. (a lost cause in Australia but Foxfire is the most important U.S. Media search term).

As we have no competition, the Australian Governent is using an illegal gag to ensure Australians are not using our products & services. (embedded search via Google, integrated social network functionality of Facebook and comprehensive online sales via embedded Amazon).

These corruption issues have become critical because of recent events and our role as a main stream Media organization has had to take a back seat as we address criminal acts that can rob our children of lives they deserve. The election of President Trump, who is in many ways an independent has brought the issue of vested interests to a head.
Sometimes called Shadow Government, the mainstream Departments who believe they control everything better than elected representatives. In Presidents Trump's case, for example, the issue of illegal immigration. Every single American dislikes illegal immigration over the southern border. Yet, his political opponents and the Media have loudly trumpeted human rights issues (like the little girl on Time Magazine) and the whole issue is distorted (in Australia I have never seen an article that suggests President Trump has done anything right). President Trump seems to have suggested China is the main issue and Russia would be a great ally. This is a totally valid opinion which is vindicated by common sense and CIA reports and independent analysts. Yet what do we see? Presidents dealings with Russia under the spotlight like it is the cold war. No one globally is under the impression President Putin is a gentle liberal Father Xmas, however the key point is that he is a strong man like Franco, not a madman like Stalin.

As an organization we continue to work hard with little help so that Civilization can grow to be fair and inclusive (target audience is 7 billion) we also to become a respectable force for good in Society. In the long term a hostile takeover of Google and Facebook (you can think of Foxfire as the trunk of a tree where Google and Bing, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc are main branches). Heres to a glowing and ethical future!