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The American people have a right to know of my letter to FBI Director
James Comey 23rd October 2016, months before your election, A letter
acknowledged by the U.S. Justice Department. Certainly you know the

I had advised the FBI that my earlier attempt to take control of the
U.S. Economy by way of Australian Media weakness (250,000 letters)
between 2005 and 2010 had compromised Mrs Clinton and then Prime
Minister Rudd. All emails in this campaign were c.c. copied to Chinese
State Security. The State Department simply covered it up and put out
a story about Russian hacking which was trivial by comparison. It's
also worth remembering that Wikileaks has this story and have not
released it as it doesn't suit Russian interests.

You call thisDemocracy? I don't need feedback - I demand the Inspector General
stopcovering it up. I am available to testify before the U.S. Supreme
Court. I had prepared for the campaign by writing to all large U.S.
law firms (top 100) I couldn't find anyone in America's Legal
fraternity interested in U.S. law or Constitution and so will expand
this mail out. Do not be concerned that I'm in any danger of a lawsuit.



Update 12th April.

Although Foxfire has nothing to do with Wikileaks (though I bet the Australian Federal Police
and ASIO have made this lie to try to save their own skins) I can't help but lament the fall of what is Australia’s only alternative Media source. The toxic lies to get him to this state makes me want to vomit.
However I must admit that if the Americans can get extradition It could lead to some interesting history coming out. Wikileaks will launch anything they have. I repeat Foxfire has had no communications with Wikileaks and if any Australian "authority" (i.e. untried criminal) makes this claim... I will see you in Court and you can expect no mercy. If you had an ounce of honour you would fall on your sword and save everyday Australians a load of pain.
(Note Foxfire is an illegally suppressed main stream player not alternative Media).
Hopefully President Trump has been warned that Hockey personally put the illegal gag in place in illegal consultation with then Prime Minister Howard. (and was rewarded with the Ambassadorship)
Conroy (former Communications Minister Im guessing will be next Ambassador because of his illegal involvement in gag).
The gag that has jeopardized U.S. National Security and threatens all it has built up for 200 years.

1st March 2019.

Update on Mueller Investigation.

If Mueller is covering up Comeys involvement in the Foxfire matter he is about to hand me control of the U.S. Economy and put himself into a jail cell for 40 years. Lets face it, how likely is it that he doesnt know about Foxfire personally? Given the vast mail outs to U.S. Law firms mentioned above (and incidently to all Attorney Generals since Holder as well as hundreds of paper letters to prominent U.S. figures (many of whom are in the news a lot lately)).President Trump would do well to look at this matter with very hard eyes. It would after all destroy the credibility of all his enemies in one go. (Although this was not my target, I am simply fed up with the corruption).

Although I would like to stay out of American Politics it would be remiss of me not to comment at all. Democrats do not care about IF (I am not suggesting these things are true) the President has dodged tax, ripped off people in business or had extramarital affairs. The are simply looking for a weak spot to get rid of an elected President. What is good for America seems to have been totally forgotten. His crime is to be anti establishment. Americans made it quite clear they dont want "business as usual" and as such the President has a mandate for change. (not to mention the Economy is looking better and he was strong with the Chinese on Trade). These 2 points cannot be understated against the points the Democrats are attacking on. None of these people at the top even Ms Pelosi, could care about the Presidents "disrespect of women" not to the point of losing votes or money. This is just one example of a host of areas.

The Russia probes are a different matter. I dont doubt there is some genuine concern about the Presidents dealings with Putin.Congress is made up of older people after all. (No disrespect intended. I am at your service whenever you choose
to stop illegally pretending this is not a huge issue). However it must be remembered this is not the Cold War. The President is in his 70s and possibly didn't believe he would win the Presidency. He has been in business all those years and in any case many analysts would argue that Russia is a possible ally in the real issue China.

Mr President, Sir, you are doing a good job, keep it up and be confident there are many people in America and around the World who see what is a "beat up" and what is actually important. Establishment authority knows I have a sword to their throat and will act for America and for the people of the World. Vested interests have for a thousand years acted this way. But decent people yearn for a fairer safer World without these ammoral people lying to get their way.


Corruption in the United States and Australia.

Corruption in the 21st Century is simply pretending not to recognize facts, and by this standard the U.S. and Australia are the most corrupt countries on the planet. The handful of people that run Australia in politics and Media didnt, apparently, recognize the Internet was a thing. Access to the Internet through Telstra (effectively a State Owned Utility) and cutting edge technology like facial recognition in the pretend National Security game (more on that below), yes. But the big ticket items, Search - Online Sales and Social Media The Goverments viewpoint was ... "Huh, i dont get it; I dont get how this could be relevent". Of course all Politicians and Media Owners have Google, Amazon and Facebook on their computers but the idea that Australia could get in on this was apparently not relevent.

Even China has been sensible in key areas and not simply self serving, they showed some common sense on IT like Alibaba and a host of other areas).

A word of warning to Australian Pollies, Federal Police and Defence Intelligence staff. Every single one of you will not only go to jail, I will strip every cent you ever earned from you in the civil courts and you will come out of jail to a very changed world. You want to rethink your illegal war? If and when the Americans act all decisions will be taken out of your hands.

Americans should keep it in mind that Australia was worthless when granted limited self rule. The trillion dollars worth of mineral wealth and latent tourism value came after Federation. Australian Politicians did not cause or help this wealth.
The areas of actual decision making like being Pro American in 1940 was entirely dictated by the issues of the day (Imperial Japan) Anything they had to show forethought was a total disaster. Witness the recent implosion of retail. Witness the infrastructure issues that came with large scale immigration (itself dictated by how much in fees these people could pay). Witness the laughable state of Digital Media. Witness the toadying to Communist China.

The immediate implication of U.S. corruption.

Corruption in America is so much more dangerous than the small pond of Australia. For example the U.S. disaster management plan (in the event of a terrible worst case scenario like Ebola out of control or incoming Nukes) is to keep the situation secret long enough to rush "essential" personnel to Cheyenne Mountain or wherever else seems safe. This "plan" would kill 320 million Americans in short order.


The amazing thing about the Internet is that all Americans can be warned of the danger and best course of action in seconds. Of course establishment need time to grab their kids and wine etc (not sure what is meant by essential personnel anyway- everyone can be replaced). President Trump would be the one President in U.S. history that wouldnt immediately rush the Washington elite to safety. Sensible middle class Democrats should probably take this point in. Another point
to remember is that just 20 years ago Polical Correctness meant pretending to care about something you dont actually care about, its no suprise the Media went to war on this term as it defines what they are. The mere fact that Russia and China dont do political correctness is a lesson in itself.

Terrorism was never a threat to America, and yes of course I know the 1000's of innocent American lives lost but America itself was never threatened. Establishment America recognised it was a chance to tighten control and took their eyes off the ball; China. This simple equation was treason and stupidity and I doubt the CIA were dumb enough not to see it coming. There was obviously political self serving interference. China has 1.1 billion people under a semi slave economy with no significant rights for workers, how was that not a disaster in the making for America? Russia is not the Soviet Union, its economy is the same size as Australia's. Many would argue Australia has harmed the U.S. (in its collaboration with China), far more than Russia ever did.

The Medias role in the U.S. election can't be understated. A judge has recently lambasted Cohen re payments to strippers entirely omitting the key point that most Americans dont care what President Trump does with his personal life. The issue is what the Media could do with the stories was the danger point for the election campaign. President Trumps election team were forced into acts to deal with the illegal Media/Opposition attacks.
All Americans resent illegal immigrants over that southern border, but what do we see? "President Trump is cruel and heartless" written or implied in every News outlet on Earth. Media garbage and the President is right to attack them on this. The President has suggested a wall which has made him a target for mockery. But surely there are variations that can be looked at that would show respect to the President and address the issue. What about an electronic wall using the recent defence spend on Hololens?



Update 3rd April 2019.

U.S. Department of Justice compromised. Attorney General Barr, its not worth it. Risking your Economy to protects ome second rate criminals in Australia.

The U.S. public should keep in mind the U.S. Attorney General's office knew of this matter when deciding on the Mueller report. Attorney General Barr has been given the uneviable task of covering this up in the face of the largest mail out in history with the added problem that the longer this drags out the more chance an outraged citizen will drop this in a way it cant be blocked. The U.S. public should also keep in mind the upcoming Australian Federal election is as tainted as the worst banana republic; albeit with a politically correct veneer.

As the U.S. Justice Department weighs its options on this CRIMINAL COURT matter... .S. Justice Department can pleabargain, this is not an option in Australia).
Remember Iave 1 demand, which has been sent to CIA, IC-IG and FBI.

I would prefer custodial jail sentencesfor-All implicated Australian Politicians
-SeniormembersofASIOandDefenceSignals-Senior members of the Australian FederalPolice.
Break up of our laughable Media. (They have no assets of any value).
Sacking of all compromised ACCC and other ombudsman staff. This MSN.com quote from today makes me wonder if jail time would not be more appropriate.
ACCC chairman Rod Sims said its relationship with the FBI had deepened in recent years, and there were "significant benefits" for the ACCC in learning the techniques and approaches the US law enforcement agency took to cartel and competition law investigations.


I am happy to waive my right to sue American Politicians, Companies or individuals if we can come to

Short list for people going to Jail for pretending not to recognise the implication of Foxfire in their illegal attacks on President Trump.
Federal Jurisdictions
The United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York
The United States Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of VirginiaThe United States Attorney’s Office for the District of ColumbiaDepartment of Justice (Public Integrity Section)Other State and Local InvestigationsState Attorneys General Investigating Trump’s Inauguration CommitteeNew York State and New York CityState Attorneys General Suing Trump or His OrganizationsOther State Court ProbesCongressThe House Intelligence CommitteeThe House Financial Services CommitteeThe House Oversight CommitteeThe House Judiciary CommitteeThe House Ways and Means CommitteeThe House Foreign Affairs Committee
Corruption in Australia